Shepherds’ respect and Magi’s gold…

I watched a musical <Notre Dame de Paris>, which is from Victor Hugo’s novel, with my wife and family in last April. It was the best musical I have seen. Story of the musical is good as the original work. Beautiful songs and acrobatic dances were also so impressive to me. Performance of actors was charismatic, especially Jong-won Moon’s performance was. It was also good that the spirit of freedom and revolution was inherent in the musical, which was originally French work. I am humming songs of the musical recently.

Nowadays, I am impressed by the words of Quasimodo’s song – complaining his ugly looks and unfair world to God.

And on which sideis God? On the side of monstances? Or on the side of those who pray morning and night?
This Jesus that we so adore has He always preferred the three wise men and their gold above us poor shepherds?

There are many reasons why men are blocked to God. I think unfairness and irregularities in the world is one of these reasons. Christians sometimes doubt God’s goodness due to unpairness and pain in the world. I also do not have clear answer about this question.

Recently, many people become anti-christian in Korea, so I feel heavy in my heart. Korean president Lee, who is an elder in church, is senseless and dishonest. He also disregards most citizen’s demands. Many people go to church in order to get more money and power. Some pastors support fault conservatism. Those are who govern and lead the nation, but I am so suspicious what they live for.

Jesus Christ came to earth with humble appearance in order to save people from their sins. He became a friend of humble and lowly people. He was turned away from those who had powers.  But people who have powers and much money are welcomed, but humble and lowly people are shunned in church. These phenomena have got worse since church had powers of nations. Then, where can those who are not christian find God? It seems that the beautiful figure of church is far from the humble Jesus’s appearance. Church may also increase unfairness and irregularities of the world and blocks the people from God.

Christians should be different from the appearance of this world, but they more follow up powers of world and ignore the humble people. Additonally, they are so stubborn that they don’t listen to other opinions. However, they say that God is with themselves. But, I believe that God look for humble and poor people. Where is God? He is beside those who seek for God humbly with lowly soul.


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