Korean’s work-hour

It is well-known that Korean’s working hour is the most in OECD nations. I can’t almost leave my office at closing time. When I go home from work at closing time, my co-workers think that I have less things to do. As a result, I also feel unusual when I go home at closing time. It may be because I have been raised in company as like.

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The World’s Hardest Working Countries :: Forbes.com

If you thought you worked long hours, consider 39-year-old Lee from South Korea. A civil servant at the ministry of agriculture and fisheries, Lee gets up at 5:30 a.m. every day, gets dressed and makes a two-hour commute into Seoul to start work at 8:30 a.m. After sitting at a computer for most of the day, Lee typically gets out the door at 9 p.m., or even later.

By the time he gets home, it’s just a matter of jumping in the shower and collapsing into bed, before starting the whole routine all over again, about four hours later. This happens six days a week, and throughout almost all of the year, as Lee gets just three days of vacation.

That’s right. Three days.

At glace, it is a poor life. It is like going round and round. Next sentence is more awful. “But, his schedule is completely normal in South Korea, …” In the middle of whole sentence, there are following sentences – “Korean people are severely concerned about their boss’s thinking,” “A Korean’s identity comes from his title at work” and “This is an authoritarian corporate culture.” Those all right. Co-workers in my company are also concerned about desk removing when they plan vacations.

Though Koreans work long time, their working efficiency is very low. But, many bosses think that long time in work-place makes many outputs. But it is not true. Studying long time doesn’t make good score. Efficiency is an important factor in working. In fact, effecienty becomes very low if people expect they should work for many hours over office time. I think that it is better for employees and company to concentrate on work in office time and enjoy leisure after leaving workplace. It is important that culture should be changed in order to live as this.

However, since Myong-bak Lee became the President of Korea, he demand that working time of civil officers should be increased, and some organizations came back to six days working in a week. What a patheic Korea!! 

Candle assembly – dismissed forcedly

According to news from Daum, peaceful candle assembly was dismissed forcedly by polices. Violence was also committed by polices.

Jongro 1 street candle assembly – May 24 :: deutsch’s Web Cafe

President Lee said that he was sorry for the mutual misunderstanding. However, it seems that President Lee’s mutual understanding means media control and public opinions suppression for controlling people. What a terrible Korea!!

Shepherds’ respect and Magi’s gold…

I watched a musical <Notre Dame de Paris>, which is from Victor Hugo’s novel, with my wife and family in last April. It was the best musical I have seen. Story of the musical is good as the original work. Beautiful songs and acrobatic dances were also so impressive to me. Performance of actors was charismatic, especially Jong-won Moon’s performance was. It was also good that the spirit of freedom and revolution was inherent in the musical, which was originally French work. I am humming songs of the musical recently.

Nowadays, I am impressed by the words of Quasimodo’s song – complaining his ugly looks and unfair world to God.

And on which sideis God? On the side of monstances? Or on the side of those who pray morning and night?
This Jesus that we so adore has He always preferred the three wise men and their gold above us poor shepherds?

There are many reasons why men are blocked to God. I think unfairness and irregularities in the world is one of these reasons. Christians sometimes doubt God’s goodness due to unpairness and pain in the world. I also do not have clear answer about this question.

Recently, many people become anti-christian in Korea, so I feel heavy in my heart. Korean president Lee, who is an elder in church, is senseless and dishonest. He also disregards most citizen’s demands. Many people go to church in order to get more money and power. Some pastors support fault conservatism. Those are who govern and lead the nation, but I am so suspicious what they live for.

Jesus Christ came to earth with humble appearance in order to save people from their sins. He became a friend of humble and lowly people. He was turned away from those who had powers.  But people who have powers and much money are welcomed, but humble and lowly people are shunned in church. These phenomena have got worse since church had powers of nations. Then, where can those who are not christian find God? It seems that the beautiful figure of church is far from the humble Jesus’s appearance. Church may also increase unfairness and irregularities of the world and blocks the people from God.

Christians should be different from the appearance of this world, but they more follow up powers of world and ignore the humble people. Additonally, they are so stubborn that they don’t listen to other opinions. However, they say that God is with themselves. But, I believe that God look for humble and poor people. Where is God? He is beside those who seek for God humbly with lowly soul.

Time is what is made…

I have worked at my current company for five years since I graduated from a postgraduate school of Seoul National University. However, I feel regret for this five years work because it seems that I have not advanced in my spirit.

I have worked for the company all day long – almost active time. I often say, “I’m busy”, because I am in heavy work load and urgent project schedule. It is a circle of life, simple and repeated – go to company, come home, go to company and come home… There is no time to take care of my soul. I am burning out and feel dry in busy life.

I envy when I was a university student, which has many time to spare. But it is only my current thought. I didn’t feel composure at that time, neither. I was surrounded by many things to do – major studies, homeworks, reports and many examinations – it was terrible!! I felt sorrow that I was a student of school of electrical engineering. However, there was many time to spare when I look back upon my school days.

Nowadays, my work is also under very urgent and unrealistic schedule. Therefore, I worry about heavy work load and busy life. I would like to live a composure life.

But, now I think that time is not what is given but what is made. It seems that I have not had much time to spare for about ten years. Estimating by my experience, it may be difficult to have spare time in Korea – many employees are in hard work load. However, I don’t want to waste my life in busy life. I don’t want to burn out my life only for doing given works. It is a time to stop wasting my life in hard works and make my time for more important things.

Beauty in God…

Last Sunday, Shelley Hundley, who is a director of worship and praise in IHOP (International House of Prayer), preached at our church. She delivered a message about God’s beautiful and glorious image described in the Revelation chapter 4.

It seems that Shelley values to seek and pursuit beauty in God above everything else. I think that the glorious image of God, who created whole space and things, can’t be imaginable. The glorious image of God is described in the Revelation chapter 4, which is written by St. John. St. John saw the glorious throne of God in an illusion when he was in Patmos island – a place of exile.

However, Jesus the son of God came to the earth with miserable image. He threw away the glory in Heaven. Shelley said that it is a very big miracle. The Bible describes that Jesus was weak and had an ill appearance. Glory was hidden in Jesus. But St. John saw the glorious image of the Lord Jesus. It is a spectacular and fantastic scene above all. Shelley delivered God’s glorious image under the inspiration of holy spirit, and I was moved by her preach.

I don’t know what is beauty in God. Shelley said that she also made an effort to know beauty in God. I guessed whether the world is beautiful when I was asked, “Is God beautiful?”. The world is not beautiful. It seems that It is not easy to find the beauty of God around the world. The image of world is getting far away from God’s image.

Shelly said that God is calling us, “Come up! Come up to the throne!” However, I am so busy to forget my thirst to God, and I can’t think about glorious image of God. Now, calling to the glorious throne of God is like dim light in the dark world. I wish I would follow the light.