Candle assembly – dismissed forcedly

According to news from Daum, peaceful candle assembly was dismissed forcedly by polices. Violence was also committed by polices.

Jongro 1 street candle assembly – May 24 :: deutsch’s Web Cafe

President Lee said that he was sorry for the mutual misunderstanding. However, it seems that President Lee’s mutual understanding means media control and public opinions suppression for controlling people. What a terrible Korea!!

Time is what is made…

I have worked at my current company for five years since I graduated from a postgraduate school of Seoul National University. However, I feel regret for this five years work because it seems that I have not advanced in my spirit.

I have worked for the company all day long – almost active time. I often say, “I’m busy”, because I am in heavy work load and urgent project schedule. It is a circle of life, simple and repeated – go to company, come home, go to company and come home… There is no time to take care of my soul. I am burning out and feel dry in busy life.

I envy when I was a university student, which has many time to spare. But it is only my current thought. I didn’t feel composure at that time, neither. I was surrounded by many things to do – major studies, homeworks, reports and many examinations – it was terrible!! I felt sorrow that I was a student of school of electrical engineering. However, there was many time to spare when I look back upon my school days.

Nowadays, my work is also under very urgent and unrealistic schedule. Therefore, I worry about heavy work load and busy life. I would like to live a composure life.

But, now I think that time is not what is given but what is made. It seems that I have not had much time to spare for about ten years. Estimating by my experience, it may be difficult to have spare time in Korea – many employees are in hard work load. However, I don’t want to waste my life in busy life. I don’t want to burn out my life only for doing given works. It is a time to stop wasting my life in hard works and make my time for more important things.


Weather was very fine last Saturday. But sadly, I went to my workplace. Working for research and development, I always have works to do. Nevertheless I work diligently, my boss requires irrational schedule all the time. So, I went to workplace…

I took a walk to Seoul National University after having Chinese food. It is a familliar place because I had studied for six years in this university. There were many people enjoying brilliant weater in Beodlegol, which has so good grass field for children to go around. When I had been studying in graduate school, many people were also enjoying and playing in Beodlegol. It was gloomy for me to see these pleasant people while I was going up laboratory for working on Saturday or sometimes on Sunday!!

At sunset, reddish and warm light of sun came in through windows of workplace. As seeing the light, I thought it was similar with the light of old times. When I was in graduate school, there was windows toward west direcion in my laboratory, and the sun light had come in at sunset. The location of my current workplace is near my old laboratory, so I could see intimate sun light as I had seen in old times. I was slightly melancholy as seeing sunset in my old laboratory because it seemed that I felt like a caged bird. I was in smiliar feeling when I saw sunset in my workplace. I guess this feeling was due to intimate sunset.

Time flew away, however I am still in similiar feeling near my old place.


After admitting TISTORY blog service, I thought, ‘I will start blogging and leave what I felt in my life!’ But, I have been very busy and tired with works, and I have had many other things to do. Execusing that I have no time, I have wasted time.

Therefore, something to recollect have vanished in my life. It has been getting worse because my powers of memory is not good. I feel nothingness because my thoughts and feelings have went away and I can find nothing advanced in my life.

I think that it is necessary to leave something to recollect and memorize in my life. So, although it is small thing, but I am retrying now.