Great containers wall in Seoul

  When I first saw the photos of containers wall at Gwanghwa-moon square in Seoul, I could hardly believe my eyes. I doubted that the photos were real. 

   Citizens were blocked by great containers wall. I could guess President Lee’s will, “I will never listen to citizen’s opinions”. President Lee made citizens furious by unimaginable actions. I can’t think President Lee has common senses. He must be crazy.


Candle assembly – dismissed forcedly

According to news from Daum, peaceful candle assembly was dismissed forcedly by polices. Violence was also committed by polices.

Jongro 1 street candle assembly – May 24 :: deutsch’s Web Cafe

President Lee said that he was sorry for the mutual misunderstanding. However, it seems that President Lee’s mutual understanding means media control and public opinions suppression for controlling people. What a terrible Korea!!