Democracy is dying…

Following link is from, CNN’s user created news.

Democracy Dying in South Korea – Media Control ::

It is well-known that frequent searching index of Naver or Daum – Korean searching site – is cooked. Although peaceful candle assmebly is forcedly dismissed with violence, news from Korean media is small. Some internet media broadcast the real-time candle assembly news, but major broadcasting station didn’t refer the violent dismissal. And Chosun, Joong-Ang and Dong-A Ilbo – three major Korean newspapers – emphasize ‘unlawful assmebly’ and ‘punishment of leaders’. They are blocking and distorting true news.

President Lee and his goverment give pressure to media for blocking their faults. This may be ‘press friendly’, which they have told. Myeong-bak Lee is fighting with citizen by controlling media. Korean democracy is now going back.