Beauty in God…

Last Sunday, Shelley Hundley, who is a director of worship and praise in IHOP (International House of Prayer), preached at our church. She delivered a message about God’s beautiful and glorious image described in the Revelation chapter 4.

It seems that Shelley values to seek and pursuit beauty in God above everything else. I think that the glorious image of God, who created whole space and things, can’t be imaginable. The glorious image of God is described in the Revelation chapter 4, which is written by St. John. St. John saw the glorious throne of God in an illusion when he was in Patmos island – a place of exile.

However, Jesus the son of God came to the earth with miserable image. He threw away the glory in Heaven. Shelley said that it is a very big miracle. The Bible describes that Jesus was weak and had an ill appearance. Glory was hidden in Jesus. But St. John saw the glorious image of the Lord Jesus. It is a spectacular and fantastic scene above all. Shelley delivered God’s glorious image under the inspiration of holy spirit, and I was moved by her preach.

I don’t know what is beauty in God. Shelley said that she also made an effort to know beauty in God. I guessed whether the world is beautiful when I was asked, “Is God beautiful?”. The world is not beautiful. It seems that It is not easy to find the beauty of God around the world. The image of world is getting far away from God’s image.

Shelly said that God is calling us, “Come up! Come up to the throne!” However, I am so busy to forget my thirst to God, and I can’t think about glorious image of God. Now, calling to the glorious throne of God is like dim light in the dark world. I wish I would follow the light.