Time is what is made…

I have worked at my current company for five years since I graduated from a postgraduate school of Seoul National University. However, I feel regret for this five years work because it seems that I have not advanced in my spirit.

I have worked for the company all day long – almost active time. I often say, “I’m busy”, because I am in heavy work load and urgent project schedule. It is a circle of life, simple and repeated – go to company, come home, go to company and come home… There is no time to take care of my soul. I am burning out and feel dry in busy life.

I envy when I was a university student, which has many time to spare. But it is only my current thought. I didn’t feel composure at that time, neither. I was surrounded by many things to do – major studies, homeworks, reports and many examinations – it was terrible!! I felt sorrow that I was a student of school of electrical engineering. However, there was many time to spare when I look back upon my school days.

Nowadays, my work is also under very urgent and unrealistic schedule. Therefore, I worry about heavy work load and busy life. I would like to live a composure life.

But, now I think that time is not what is given but what is made. It seems that I have not had much time to spare for about ten years. Estimating by my experience, it may be difficult to have spare time in Korea – many employees are in hard work load. However, I don’t want to waste my life in busy life. I don’t want to burn out my life only for doing given works. It is a time to stop wasting my life in hard works and make my time for more important things.